04-05-06 novembre 2021

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On November 4h, 5th and 6th 2021, don't miss the 18th edition of TIBY Handball Val d'Oise! We would be happy to meet you at CDFAS in Eaubonne and on our social network channels, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Players and family, coaches and handball fans, keep your community updated on your experience during these few days of competition. Follow us, publish your photos, videos, posts.

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TIBY Handball grew into an important event, the tournament achieved international recognition. 6 high-level matches in which a very promising team from Croatia, Hungary and Iceland will try to take over the French Youth Team. There is no better way to progress than playing against strong opponents. Through the event even more entertaining and enjoyable, discover the future “crack", follow the futrure!  


TIBY Handball is part of a European exchange allowing young athletes to meet, share their passion and communicate around the values of sport. Authentic showcase for young players, TIBY is a springboard for the access to the professional world and the first approach to the international quality level. The conference of the coaches is the DNA certification of the TIBY Handball. TIBY is also a laboratory of performance in the service of handball. 

The tournament TIBY Handball is based on the spectacular aspect of handball. With a new scenery, the event takes an another dimension with the installation of a specific handball court, a giant interactive screen, an animated environment and a new inauguration of the players.

Follow the TIBY Handball on live streaming! 6 matches will be live streaming exclusively on our YouTube channel.


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