Laboratory of performance in the service of handball

The conference of the coaches is the DNA certification of the TIBY Handball. Bringing together young coaches for trainings provided by handball experts and celebrities through video workshops, lectures and teaching on the court. TIBY symposium is of fundamental importance for the direction of the tournament. The axis of training with TIBY is thus exercised through the relations coaches - players and theory - court.

The conference of the coaches helps coaches in professionalization and athletic development.

The skills targeted :

• Create and animate a network of coaches
• Deepen your knowledge on defense
• Develop new pedagogical approaches


  • PATRICE ANNONNAY (Goalkeeper resp. Team France U19M) 
  • THIERRY ANTI (Pays d'Aix UC coach - LiquiMoly Starligue) 
  • JOCHEN BEPPLER (National Coach, Germany)
  • GUILLAUME BONNET (Sport scientist)
  • CLAUS HANSEN (Skjern Håndbold coach - Danemark)
  • PASCAL PERSON (Team France U19M coach)




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