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Young athletes played great on the last day 

The last game of Tiby Tournament 2019 arrived when the French and the Portuguese competed against each other. Despite the defeat on the previous day from Hungary, the French behaved comfortable in the domestic atmosphere. Although it was already known, that the Hungarian won the tournament, the French gave their best while playing.

Facing the team from Portugal seemed to be struggling because they competed by heart too. Joao Gomes (9) performed great today as well, so did he previously too, but the French started perfectly too, with the scores of Wallem – Konrad Peleka (14). The goalkeeper, Clement Franck (24) saved nicely today as well. The goals were collected slowly, because of the great defenses on both sides. A few mistakes were made on both sides and although the French lead the game, in the 15th minute the Portuguese equalized. After a very good quarter, both teams had 6 scores. But after a while, the French started to dominate the game, so a timeout was needed for Varejao’s team. After the short break both players, who wore the ‘14’ number on their back, scored: Peleka (FRA), Pegas (POR).

From the beginning of the second half until the end of the game, it was tight. The French lead with a few points, but the Portuguese did not let them grow the difference. Both teams had supporters on the spectators’ terrace and they kept encouraging the athletes. Although Portuguese scored the ball into the hoot two times after a French mistake, the domestic team’s member, Lou Derisbourg (8) kept running forward to attack the Portuguese goalkeeper alone and collected a few scores. But the Portuguese wanted to reduce the difference, so they created actions, where they were able to attack. It was not enough to win the game, because the last match ended with a French victory. (30-24)

Final result: France 30 – 24 Portugal

Joao Gomes (9)
“This was a better game, we played better, but it was only enough for the fourth place. I think it was a great tournament because we have learned a lot, it was part of the preparation and it was also motivational to play against great teams. Now, job now is to improve ourselves constantly in order to be better from day to day.”


Horváth Bernadett - Team TIBY 2019


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