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A huge win for the Czech Republic

Matches on the first day seemed to be a warm-up for every team. The athletes had to get used to the atmosphere but the second day became more interesting than expected. Teams from Portugal and from the Czech  Republic stepped into the arena in order to compete and decide who can get the 3 or even the 4 points.

The Portuguese started the game. They headed forward, but the Czechs blocked them successfully. From the first moves, it was already predictable, that the two teams are going to fight hard in order to score or to defend against the opponents. The attacks from the Portuguese point of view were successful because Joao Gomes scored into the hoop once from the line and afterward from the 7-meter (4’ 0:2). Surprisingly, two yellow cards were given to this team in the following ten minutes: for Pedro Castro (6) and for Hugo Costa (10) was the card risen. Otherwise, these teams easily handled the situations in the beginning.

Later on, the Czechs closed up from deconcentration with the goal of Jiri Rakousky (5) from 7-meter (12:11). On the other hand, the Portuguese goalkeeper Patrik Bartos (1) could not always keep the ball in front of himself. After a while, the Czechs started to comfortably lead the way and they happily left the pitch after the first half (16:12)
After the break, the Portuguese tried to create situations properly in order to keep up with the Czechs (5’ 17:14), but the goalkeeper was inattentive, which gave 2 points to the others. Moreover, after getting tired, they were unable to score even if they have had the possibility. This made them lagged behind because the Czechs were able to get through the defense. (14’ 25:16).

Sadly, Ondrej Volenik’s (4) knee got injured (23’) so he had to leave the pitch with the help of his teammates. Probably, the result compensated for his pain (24’ 28:20). Although the defeat of the team from Portugal was already predictable, Gustavo Marques (5) slipped away on the side and scored (28:21). The third match ended with a Czech victory (31:23).

Republic Czech 31 – 23 Portugal

Jan Beloch (coach – Czech Republic)
“We had a few problems at the beginning of today’s game, but from the 25th minute, we were able to play much better, which gave us motivation for the second half. Luckily, the defeat against France did not bother us. We were not prepared enough to play against a strong team like them, but today we did our best.”

Joao Varejao (coach - Portugal)
“This is a great tournament for us. We mixed two of our groups together, which means that we have another team from this age, who are working. In my opinion, we started this game pretty good, but at the end of the first part we were not as strong as we wanted to be. In the second half, we had more problems, but this is part of the preparation too so we can see, how the players behave under pressure. ”


Horváth Bernadett - Team TIBY 2019


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