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Young French athletes debuted 

The members of the French team probably wanted to do their best in front of the home crowd. Certainly, the expectations were set high not only from the team but also from the audience. The opponents, athletes from the Czech Republic tried to catch the rhythm from the beginning against a strong team.

The team in the familiar environment started a bit better. Baptiste Clay (4) scored the first goal of the match. The points were growing to the French, while the opponents had difficulties because of the blocks. In the seventh minute, the Czech team broke their boundaries and Lukas Morkovsky (9) protected the honor of the team, which was supported later on by others too. Although they started to feel the pitch, they needed a timeout (13’) and in the 15th minute a change could be seen in the team’s mentality. In the first half, the French dominated already (19 - 10). Singing from the crowd and loud cheering encouraged the team, while the Czechs could only count on themselves. Strong and fast attacks were specific for the first part of the game from the French, but the Czechs wanted to keep up with them and they hardly tried not to lag behind.

In order to get closer to the domestic team, the Czech had to strengthen their defense. Besides, the goalkeeper Patrik Bartos saved a lot of shots. Jiri Rakousky (5) used the possibility to collect the points with the 7-meter penalty, but the French did the same on the other side when Matteo Fadhuile-Crepy (9) scored (12’ 25:17). Later on, it seemed like the Czech were closing up, so the French asked for timeout (19’) and after that Clement Pellen (22) attacked successfully. In the 20th minute, the Czech team missed one of the passes so the French attacked again, but the goalkeeper Bartos caught the ball. So did Leo Villain (16) more times, so the end result is 33-26.

Final score: France 33 - 26 Czech Republic

Jakub Murian
“As the result shows, we did not prepare for this match enough. Our shoots and defends were very bad sometimes and we made a few mistakes. It concludes the final result. But we are not planning to be disappointed for so long, we need to move on in order to be able to concentrate on the next match. We will talk about the mistakes we have had, so we can make corrections tomorrow against Portugal. ”

 Valentin Bzdynga

"This is a new team and it always feels great to win, especially with them. It was very good to play tonight because of our game and also because of the supportive audience. We got a great impact from them and from our coach as well. We were working a lot in order to achieve this today and to be able to continue the whole tournament."



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