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Hungarian reached their goal - They defended the title

This Friday night, the last day of the TIBY Handball Tournament was held in Eaubonne. The spectators’ terrace once again was filled with fans, who encouraged the teams from different nations. The Hungarian and the Czech team arrived for the last time in this tournament to compete.

The Czech goalkeeper, Patrik Bartos (1), who already had one defeat from France and a victory against Portugal was ready to catch the ball. He knew, that it was not going to be easy, because the opponent team, Hungary, beat the French the day before and also the Portuguese on the first day. This was the match that could have determined the champion team. The Hungarian had to win against the Czech in order to be able to defend their title.
The Hungarian winger, Erhard Sisa (41) started the game with a great attack, but the Czechs were profited from the Hungarian mistakes so they equalized the points. Bartos (1) successfully saved, which allowed the teammates to attack again. The first 7-meter was shot by Jiri Rakousky (5), who did this exercise since the beginning of the tournament (4’ 2-3). This was the beginning of the 7-meter series when the referees whistled once again for the Czech team, but Rakousky (5) did not succeed. Afterward, a Kung-Fu was played, the Hungarian attacked correctly, which ended with Ákos Hutvágner’s (42) score. The Hungarian changed the shooter for penalties, but they did not perform their best in the first part of the game, because the Czechs were able to create a small difference (12-13). The first 25minutes were terroristic for the Hungarian team, but they closed up at the end of the first half.

After the break, Hungary equalized and thanks to Gerg? Fazekas (24) they took a turn on the game (2’ 14-13). The second half was different from the first one, so the Czech coach asked for a timeout in order to reorder the team. But it was not enough, because the Hungarian kept leading (9’ 18-14). The Czechs did not give up and they went on with great defenses and Bartos (1) also did his job, but Tamás Konyicsák (45) on the other hand caught the ball more often. In the 20th minute in the 2nd half, the Hungarian felt the pitch again (26-21). In the last ten minutes, the Czechs tried to do their best in order to perform well, but the final result reveals the opposite (34-23).

Final result: Hungary 34 – 23 Czech Republic

With this victory, Hungarian athletes are going to raise the trophy in 2019.


Horváth Bernadett - Team TIBY 2019


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